This week, we will be discussing web development and creating your educational Wiki/website.
A wiki is a Web 2.0 tool that enhances the teaching and learning process through communication and collaboration. Earlier versions of this course focused on the use of wikis as an instructional/communication tool. This year, I am expanding the options to make sure that the final product will be something that you will be able to use after the class. In other words, if you are in a place where Wiki's are commonly used, you may wish to use them, however, you can also use Wix, Google Sites, or other options. Throughout the following 8 weeks, you will be building your website/wiki , which will serve as your “Teaching with Technology” e-portfolio, based on your engagement with each of the modules.
Wikis are a great way to jump into the web development realm if you are a true novice, but would like to have a ‘website’ platform for your course. Additionally, wikis can be very student-friendly and foster collaboration and communication among teacher and students as well as rom student to student. Wikis are web-based and the educator controls its content and structure.
For this module, familiarize yourself with wikis by watching the following videos:
Wikis in Plain English” video.
Be sure to read through all of the links and pages in M2, including the article titled “Teaching and Learning Online with Wikis”. Go to the Discussion Board for M2 and participate in the group discussion regarding the article. What are some things you found useful in terms of how wikis can be utilized from both the teaching and learning perspective. Even though you will be utilizing wikis in this course as an e-portfolio tool, begin thinking about how you can use wikis when teaching online.
Finally, create a “Teaching with Technology” E-Portfolio using wikispaces (If you use a different system and would rather use that for this assignment, please let me know).

E-Portfolio Examples

Please take time to browse the example below to look at how others have create their ePortfolios with wikispaces. These are only examples, you are free to be as creative as you would like!